Regrow Hair Protocol

One choice is to shave your entire head bald. This will remove all the thinning and patches and bald spots. However, this might not be an appealing solution for y** at all. One solution y** might try is hair transplants. This is a permanent solution that will certainly eliminate hair loss and help y** with your self esteem, however it c** be a costly and expensive procedure and might not work for everyone. Another solution is to purchase hair growing creams and tonics. Though many of these do not yield any results at all, some of them do work just enough to help y** see enough results to help y** feel a bit better about yourself. Hair follicle stimulation procedures often work as they stimulate hair follicles and prevent hair growth.

Finally, another solution is to purchase a good and realistic hairpiece and wig. With this solution, y** will get immediate results. However, realistic and good wigs are often high priced and c** be inconvenient, as y** have to remove them when y** shower, when y** swim, or when y** perform some strenuous type of activities. No matter what y** do, accept, or find a good solution, and so really y** must make sure that y** find some support from your family and friends. Every so often y** might fell badly again about what is happening but to have the family and friends in your life c** often help y** with your fears, worries, and shame.

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